Energetic Home Alignment

A clear space is a harmonious space.

How are the vibes in your home?!

Your home is a reflection of you!  You want it to reveal your strengths, beauty and character so that it can be a container for positive experiences.  

Home alignment sessions open the door to conscious living by taking the time to consider your intentions about the vibrations you want to create and hold in your home.

It is very common for discordant spiritual, emotional and mental energies to linger in a space.  If you have not done anything to clear these energies, then guess what... they are still there!  

Have you ever wondered how your home is affecting you and your loved ones on the subtle, yet consistent level of energy? 

Space Clearing & Energetic Home Alignment Sessions

Energetic home alignment sessions utilize Shamanic and Angelic healing practices, light and sound healing, as well as the nature elements FIRE, EARTH, AIR, ETHER and WATER. 

Energetic healing techniques are used to initiate positive vibrations through-out the home and keep them flowing. 

Sessions are $150 per hour and vary in time based on the size of the home and the number of family members.  Trip charges outside of Boulder County may apply. 

Questions? Contact me via email or at 303-589-1531

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