Soul to Soul Intuitive Healing 

Inspiring change through empowerment and bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Are you ready to dance to the rhythm of your inner drum?!

Intuition is like a compass that can help us cut to the chase of what we truly desire and can sound the alarm on what is not serving us.  Aligning with our spiritual nature does not mean we won't have challenges, but it will provide clear and loving navigation for the journey of life. 

Through her intuitive work at Soul to Soul, Maggie Carraher uses her intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and channeling to receive Divine guidance and to read the energy of people and situations.  Readings offer an opportunity to realize and clear the subconscious patterns and energetic imbalances that are creating undesirable experiences and reveal the voice of your own intuitive knowing. 

Energetic healing techniques used in sessions include chakra and aura balancing, white light infusions, Reiki, Earth magnetism and Divine connection. Sessions result in purification and rejuvenation, allowing clients to realign with their inner compass by accessing their own Divine connection.

Strengthen your faith in a loving and supportive Universe!

The spiritual services and teachings offered by Maggie @ Soul to Soul empower you to recognize your inner brilliance and encourage you to strengthen your connection with the supportive higher power and guidance that surrounds you.  

Find and enhance your Divine spark!

One of the key elements of healing offered is harmonization of your energy system to your Divine essence via infinite light activation.  As you align to the frequency of your higher dimensional frequencies, there will be a ripple affect that organically enhances your life.


Maggie is unbelievable! She has an amazing gift to help you through life’s hardships. I was amazed how she helped me work through some areas of my life that I could not let go of. Her gift of bringing peace and understanding completely helped me move past the sadness and hurt of the past.

-Jen E. Erie, CO

Maggie is amazing! I could feel the healing energy and experienced a calmness and peace during the session. She was able to read me and tap into some issues in my life that need healing. I felt really good after the session and look forward to additional healing work with Maggie. She is truly amazing!

-Laura B. Broomfield, CO

I can’t wait to do another session with Maggie. She has a true gift and for any of us on a path of spiritual growth she offers insights that offer validation and launch us forward on our path. I can’t recommend Maggie enough.

-Jen H. Evergreen, CO

Soul to Soul Services

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Your soul wisdom is available to you at all times. It is resting with-in you and it is reflected back to you through your experiences. An intuitive session provides this wisdom a loud and clear channel and is combined with energetic healing to re-align your chakras and aura back to an ideal state.

Sessions are conducted in-person in Lafayette, CO or over the phone.

Healing with the Horses

Healing with the Horses sessions are a perfect fit for children and adults!  These unique sessions combine intuitive guidance and energetic healing, while allowing integration through interaction with the horses.  A key part of energetic healing and spiritual alignment is embodiment.  Horses have a natural grounding essence that assists with FEELING the realizations and inspirations through an actual physical experience.  Horses are amazing teachers of assertiveness, mindfulness and boundaries, which benefits people in need of confidence, self awareness or clarity.

Sessions are conducted in person in Lafayette, CO

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